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  • Coaching for Health
  • Easy to Get Started
  • Flexible Business Model
  • Support from the Pros
  • Coach training course
  • Helpful Online Tools
  • Instant activation
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Opportunity from home

While some businesses franchise their business model we help you be an Independent Facilitator! This means no strings attached. Using our prepared materials we will help you get set to be a health coach so you can start teaching our eight week program on your own. Bring a message of health and wellness to others! As an Independent Facilitator your role will be to facilitate people through the transition of their "old life" to their "Healthy Edge" life.

The way it works is that after you become a THE certified coach you can buy individual participant programs to then supply to each person who signs up to be coached. You buy this program at a deep facilitator only price. You can set your own price to resale this to your customer and then facilitate their journey. Some facilitators choose to lead people individually while others create a group environment in their health coach training.

Our program comes with powerful facilitator tools online as well as online resources for all of your clients who join. This includes assessments, videos, empowering audio MP3s, downloads and more!

So instead of joining a health franchise join the Healthy Edge family and get the support you need.

Premium Edition
  • Receive official facilitator status.
  • Online Leadership management system
  • 1 The Healthy Edge Cookbook
  • 1 Healthy Edge Window Cling
  • 2 Participant membership credits for your first two clients
  • 3 Guidebooks
  • 5 How To Live Your Abundant Life Prospecting CD’s
  • 6 month premium site access
  • More than 8 hours of The Healthy Edge Program on DVDs
  • Lifetime Health Coach Certification
    This is a good supplmentary certification for fitness trainer(s)
  • Phone, Email & Live Support
  • User Friendly

    Coach Training Course

    Eight hours of Certified Health Coach Training from Amber and April plus all the tools you need to be successful!

  • In The Box

    Official DVD Set

    Get the entire Healthy Edge Program on DVD for use in your coaching classes.

  • Cost Effective

    Coaching Templates

    Access our facilitator-only scripts and how-to's for each week of the program

  • Plugin Compatible

    2 Online Memberships + guidebooks

    Besides yourself, you get additional access for 2 to the online participant program. Over a $500 value!

  • Customizable Themes

    Empowering Audio Sessions

    Get six empowering MP3's from co-founder April all on one disc!

  • 24 x 7 Live Support

    First Look DVD

    Features Amber and Testimonials—This is the DVD you show prospects to get them interested in the Healthy Edge Included!

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  • What was always missing for me was lack of proper weight loss coaching to tell me that I needed to heal the deeper issues beyond the weight. I needed to address my self image in order to RELEASE the weight and keep it off. With The Healthy Edge weight loss coaches, I had HUGE revelations when I learned and accepted that it wasn’t my fault. I learned about insulin resistance and how it can make it difficult to lose the weight.
    Tawnya Andrews
  • In January of 2008, on a trip to the doctor’s office, I discovered my weight to be close to 240 pounds. This was the most I had ever weighed in my life. I had spent the previous year starting a dessert business baking and selling gourmet cheesecake. All the sampling I did went to my waistline and every other part of my body as well! I decided it was time to get out of the kitchen and take control of my health with your weight loss coaching!
    Sherri Erickson
  • I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1996. Diabetes runs in my family. My mother had Type 2 Diabetes and my niece was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 6 years old. When I was diagnosed my mother had just passed away the same year from a heart attack due to complications from Diabetes. Heart problems and high cholesterol also run in my family. I thought, “wow, I am just like my mom I only have 15 -20 more years to live and I will die at a young age just like she did”. I have just been going through life taking about 10-15 different prescriptions per day along with testing my blood 4 or 5 times daily. Eating whatever I wanted to and taking higher dose of insulin to compensate my high blood sugars just like my mom did.
    Lisa Hollis

Get to Know About Us

The Healthy Edge vision is about reversing the trends of obesity in children and adults by taking responsibility for our health and the health of our families. We believe that, with our healthy lifestyle lessons, everyone can live the abundant life they were put here on earth to live if they will only choose to take the journey. Through education, empowerment, personal development and passion, The Healthy Edge provides the participant with a healthy lifestyles lesson plan that can put you on the path to living your abundant life.

The Healthy Edge health and wellness programs have Independent Facilitators that have completed extensive training to deliver you extra value beyond the Online Program such as: weekly small group seminars, personalized coaching, a safe place to ask questions and overcome obstacles, recipe sharing and overall comfort of taking on this journey with a group of friends who have your best interest in mind.

Founders April Willer and Amber Thiel have taken the class concept and have built a complete toolbox for the average person and family to transform their health through practical and realistic living.

Some of Our Advantages

  • Fast Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 99.9% Online leadership Management
Does this provide certification for fitness trainers?

Yes. It is currently a lifetime certification.

Is this valuable for conditioning coaches also?

Yes. Our philosophy is complimentary to existing conditioning coaches.

Is this a health franchise or a franchisee opportunity?

No. The Healthy Edge is an opportunity to use an independent health coaching business model to get compensated. You do this by leading your clients through an online eight week health and weight release program. As a certified coach of The Healthy Edge lifestyle program, you have access to coaching materials, training and support tools such as logos, marketing materials, business cards, coaching scripts, informational DVDs, audios, a training website for coaches, guidebooks, cookbooks, etc. All of these materials have been created and are accessible to you as a Healthy Edge coach.

How do I make money?

Compensation occurs when you buy access to the online eight week lifestyle course (which includes a 96-page guidebook) from The Healthy Edge at a reduced coach’s rate of $67.00 and resell it to your clients for an amount specified by you. Your clients pay you directly for The Healthy Edge program and with your $67.00 purchase you are able to give a one person access to the online coursework and guidebook by simply entering their name and email into the online management system.

How do I get access to the coaching tools?

Many of the tools are provided when you purchase your health coach certification through The Healthy Edge. Other tools can be purchased at an additional and/or reduced cost.

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